Crypto Margin Futures

Soon you will be able to trade Cboe Digital crypto margin futures and spot on a U.S. regulated exchange and clearinghouse for trusted, transparent access to crypto. Trade Bitcoin and Ether futures and spot products on a single platform for greater operational and capital efficiency, and trust.

Less Fees = More Bitcoin

Cboe Digital has one of the lowest trading fee schedules in the industry. Buying bitcoin on exchanges that charge as much as 2% costs $20 in fees for every $1000 in bitcoin. Cboe Digital charges 0.2%, meaning you pay only two dollars for the same trade, a ten times savings at Cboe Digital. Less fees equals more bitcoin.

If you would like to compare fees, we invite you to use our fee calculator.

Block Trading

Is your crypto OTC workflow slow, cumbersome and different across each counterparty? Once onboarded, Cboe Digital Members are able to submit pre-negotiated Block Trades confidently to Cboe Digital Exchange, which are immediately cleared and settled through Cboe Clear Digital, removing the inconsistencies of OTC models and eliminating counterparty risk. We make it easy.

More info on Block Trades

Pegged Orders

Place pegged orders to dynamically track market movements. When executed, pegged orders can earn a real-time rebate.

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Bounded Futures

Tired of getting REKT? Ride BTC & ETH volatility while protecting your downside.

Check out the trade and payout examples for bounded here .

Trading the Basis

Trading the basis is a well-known trading strategy requiring a spot and regulated futures market. Conveniently, Cboe Digital has both on one, innovative platform.

Basis trading is a type of arbitrage that involves simultaneously taking offsetting positions in the spot and futures market of the same commodity to benefit from differences in pricing. The difference is called the basis. While we do not give investment advice, we would like to give an example of what we are describing; If a trader was able to buy Ether at a price of $395 and was then able to sell the equivalent amount of futures contracts at $398, they could lock in a price differential with a profitable $3 basis per contract. (It is also possible to lose money if a positive price differential cannot be locked in.)

Our spot market currently offers trading in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ether and Litecoin. Our futures exchange currently offers physically delivered Bitcoin contracts and (the first U.S. based) Ether contracts. Members sell futures contracts and use their Bitcoin or Ether holdings as collateral. A benefit to physically delivered contracts is avoiding potential risk of slippage that could occur in cash settled products where the spot price moves after settlement but before delivery.

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Physically Delivered Futures

Cboe Digital’s physically delivered futures contracts reduce basis risk, a dislocation between spot and futures prices. Position holders receive the underlying commodity at expiration, and can leverage coins for collateral to enter into a short futures position. Cboe Digital’s futures market and trading platform provides risk management and price discovery tools on cryptocurrency for miners, hedgers and investors that need it.

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